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The COM Book Club happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. In Book Club, we read a book together on the topics of poverty, Christian community development, or theology. This is one of the ways we seek to form a community committed to loving our neighbors as ourselves. You can see the books we've studied together below.

To participate in COM Book Club, you must be a member of the Compassion Collaborative, COM's monthly giving program. Membership begins at just $20 per month, and you can join with the button below. If you are already a monthly member, sign up below for our upcoming Book Club.

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FALL 2022

Book announcement coming soon


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Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It), by Robert Lupton

Veteran urban activist Robert Lupton reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. Toxic Charity provides proven new models for charitable groups who want to help—not sabotage—those whom they desire to serve. Lupton, the founder of FCS Urban Ministries (Focused Community Strategies) in Atlanta, the voice of the Urban Perspectives newsletter, and the author of Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life, has been at the forefront of urban ministry activism for forty years. Toxic Charity shows us how to start serving needy and impoverished members of our communities in a way that will lead to lasting, real-world change. (book description from