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Garden Soil


Meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 9 am
At 320 S Market Ave, Bolivar MO

Whether you've gardened your whole life or are making your first ever attempt at gardening, COM's Garden Club is the community for you. The Club meets two Tuesday each month to learn about valuable topics, exchange tips and seeds, and make plans to help promote gardening in the community.

As COM seeks to reduce food insecurity in Polk County, the Garden Club is an important piece of that effort. One of the best ways to increase access to food is to teach people to grow their own food right in their backyard or on their porch. Through the Garden Club, our neighbors not only can learn how to do this themselves, but also have opportunities to teach others.

The Garden Club also runs our community garden located in COM's parking lot. Volunteer sign-ups to work the garden will be available on this webpage soon.



Frost Dates
A lot of resources and seed packets reference "last frost date," "frost frost date," and zones. But what does that mean? Check out this article. For Polk County, Missouri, here's what you need to know:
Zone: 6A

Avg. last frost date: April 21
Avg. first frost: Oct 17

Seed Start guide.PNG

COM Seed Starting Resource Guide
A collection of useful resources for starting your own seeds on a handy 1-page sheet. Download it here.

Seed to Spoon.png

From Seed to Spoon app
A great mobile tool for checking planting times, growing tips, and more for all kinds of veggies in a single app. Download it at

Direct Sow guide.PNG

Fruition Seeds Planting Guides
It can be confusing to know whether to start seeds indoors or plant them directly in the ground outside. This great guide from Fruition Seeds takes out the guesswork. Download it here. They also have a great library of resources you can get for free on their website.

Zone 6 planting cal.PNG

Planting Calendar
When is the best time to start your seeds? Use this easy visual guide to know exactly the best time to start your seeds or transplant your plants. Download it here.

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