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What are the ministries?

Community Outreach Ministries engages in multiple services and projects striving to assist with various needs of people. Two of the most notable endeavors are that COM operates the Food Pantry for Polk County, and also serves as the local Salvation Army Service Extension Unit. Funds generated from the annual bell ringing campaign are used to provide assistance for people in our area with utility payments, rent, fuel, medicine, food, and other needs. 

In addition to these things, COM also runs Compassion Thrift. This store generates over half of the income necessary to run the operations of COM. Additionally, COM provides basic medical equipment that needy individuals can borrow and return. COM also is working to provide case management and job opportunities for struggling individuals and families. On top of all of that, COM hosts and works with a variety of partner organizations such as local churches, Sling 'n Stones, OACAC, the Polk Co. Health Center,  The Farmers Market, and many others to create a community-wide response to poverty and hunger.

500 families

served per month

an average of

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