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At COM, we believe that life is a continual journey of learning. No matter who you are, we all have areas where we can grow. But, this learning should not just be done by yourself, but should be done in community. That's the idea behind UCOM.


Every week, UCOM offers different classes to our neighbors to learn new skills and tricks for improving financial, social, and physical wellness. However, you're not just a passive recipient, but an active participant.  Everyone has life experiences to share, and we find that the relationships formed in our classes often lead to further conversations and help outside of class. Even better, those who successfully complete classes can earn bonus points for use in the food pantry. Check out this month's classes below and sign up here!

You may only sign up for a max of 2 classes per month so that we have enough class spaces for everyone to attend a class.

Class Rules

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"Faith & Finances"


The Fall Session will be on Thursdays 530-730pm from Aug 8 through Oct 24, 2024.



includes workbook & dinner

What is "Faith & Finances"?

"Faith & Finances" is a 12-week money management course that also explores how the use of our money impacts our lives and relationships.

Benefits of "Faith & Finances"

  • Increased knowledge on managing your finances

  • Decreased stress regarding being able to pay bills or debt

  • Lunch with class for 12 weeks

  • Opportunity to earn up to $100 towards savings upon completion of the class

  • Better understanding of God's desires for our resources

  • Connection to new friends and allies

How do I learn more or sign up?

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE or contact our Pathways office at 417-326-2769 x1505

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