VolunteerS of the month:
Erin & Ava Anderson

June 2021

Meet our volunteers of the month, Erin & Ava Anderson!

Erin and her daughter, Ava, can regularly be seen working in COM's food pantry on Tuesday nights. Erin runs the check-in station while Ava helps load up carts with food. Both are a key part of keeping the drive-thru pantry running smoothly.

Erin first became involved with COM in 2014-15 when her Bible study group began volunteering in the food pantry. Then, in early 2020 Erin committed to helping every Tuesday night with the check-in station after another volunteer had to step down to take care of a family member.

Beyond helping with the food pantry, Erin is also a faithful Board member at COM and has served on the Board's fundraising committee. Her wisdom has been crucial in guiding the organization through challenges and in raising funds for COM.

When asked about why she likes joining her mom in volunteering, Ava says, "I like that it makes a difference."

In their free time, Ava enjoys swimming at Silo Ridge's pool and "sleeping." Erin enjoys running and working out and helping with their homeschool group.

Thank you for your service, Erin & Ava!


If you would like to volunteer at COM like Erin & Ava, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

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