VolunteerS of the month:

Dale & Elaine Huff

MARCH 2021

Meet our volunteers of the month, Dale & Elaine Huff!

Elaine first got involved with COM shortly after her and Dale moved to Bolivar from Morrisville. She had been volunteering at a thrift shop in Morrisville and wanted to continue that work but didn't want to drive to Morrisville every week. So, she looked in town and discovered COM's thrift store and began volunteering there.

Dale came a little later after a neighbor who volunteered in the food pantry encouraged him to come out. Dale tried it and has been coming back ever since. "Knowing that you're helping out is my favorite part of volunteering," says Dale.

Dale and Elaine come every Thursday and often on Saturdays. Dale works in the pantry loading up clients with bags of food while Elaine works in the thrift store sorting clothing donations. Their faithful service over the years has been indispensable to the ministry.

When not at COM, they both enjoy visiting flea markets and taking occasional trips to see shows in Branson. Dale also has a small garden at their home where he grows lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, and other fresh produce.

Thank you for your service, Dale & Elaine!


If you would like to volunteer at COM like Rebecca, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

February Volunteer of the month: Rebecca Adams


Meet our volunteer of the month, Rebecca Adams!

Rebecca first got involved with COM through her church, Open Hearts Bolivar United Methodist Church, about three years ago as part of her church's monthly volunteering with COM's food pantry distribution. After coming that first time, Rebecca was drawn to keep coming month after month because she saw the needs of the people they were helping and wanted to be a part of the solution.

Several years later, Rebecca continues to be an important part of the food pantry. In the era of COVID, she is up at COM almost daily either bagging up food to get ready for distribution or helping load up carts for the drive-thru pantry on distribution days.

"I love volunteering because it helps keep me busy during the week since I can't work a regular job anymore," Rebecca says. "The people are great and fun to work with."


She also encourages others to come help out at anytime. When asked about what she would tell others thinking about volunteering, Rebecca says, "You'll get more out of it than you're giving. With just a small amount of time you can make so much of a difference."

When not volunteering at COM, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family, helping out with DAV, and playing bingo.

Thank you for your service, Rebecca!


If you would like to volunteer at COM like Rebecca, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

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