Volunteer Appreciation Month

Volunteer of the WEEK:
Rose Hines

R Hines.JPG
APRIL 2022- Week 4

Meet our Volunteer of the Week for the last week of Volunteer Appreciation Month, Rose Hines!

Rose has been involved with COM or BAMA (COM's predeccesor) since 2003. Her first involvement with BAMA/COM was helping to bake pies in a church basement for a community Thanksgiving dinner. Today, she can be found every week helping out in COM's thrift store sorting clothing, stocking shelves, and cleaning.

"I just love working in the thrift store and getting to see people smile," says Rose. "I see some older people come into the store to shop, some are using walkers or wheelchairs, but they come in and I get to see them smile as I help them find what they're looking for. Then, helping them makes me smile."

Although Rose puts in lots of hours at COM and is an essential part of our thrift store operations, she doesn't slow down when she's away from COM. She also volunteers at the senior center, enjoys doing yard work, and walks to stay healthy.

Rose strongly recommends that everyone find a place to volunteer. "I highly recommend it," she says. "[Your help] comes back to you a hundred fold. I've also made a lot of friends working here at COM."


Thank you for your service, Rose!

If you would like to volunteer at COM too, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

WEEK 3: Scott Mincks

S Mincks.JPG
APRIL 2022- Week 3

Meet our Volunteer of the Week for the third week of April, Scott Mincks!

Scott first got connected to COM back around 2008 when it was the Bolivar Area Ministerial Alliance. He was connected to Rick and Betty Lewis, who worked with BAMA, and helped them out in the old building that housed the thrift store (which was a new endeavor at the time).

After taking several years off, Scott got reconnected the COM this year and has been helping us out with picking up and baling cardboard as part of COM's recycling operation. He can also be seen assisting other staff and volunteers with various tasks in the warehouse. While many people do not often see our warehouse operations, it's a busy place between handling thrift donations, recycling outgoing materials, and offloading incoming food for the pantry. Scott plays an important role in this work.

Scott says he likes volunteering at COM because "it is a way to give back to the pantry for all the years it has helped me and my family." 

When not helping at COM, Scott enjoys going fishing, taking care of animals, and helping out his neighbors.


Thank you for your service, Scott!


R Martin3.JPG
APRIL 2022- Week 2

Meet our Volunteer of the Week for the second week of April, Rosane Martin!

Rosane first got connected to COM in 2017 when her neighbor, who was volunteering in the food pantry, invited her to come help as well. Rosane has always felt a strong need to give back to her community, thanks in part to how her parents raised her, so she took her neighbor up on the offer.

Since that time, she has helped out in the food pantry in various capacities. Currently, she is one of the key volunteers who prepares bags of food for the drive thru pantry and also helps load carts on distribution days.

"I love that we are able to help people, and I love the comradery among those of us who volunteer," she says. "Volunteering makes me feel productive, gives me a purpose, and I know that I am giving back to the community."

When Rosane is not at COM, you might also see her volunteering at the hospital, spending time with friends or family, or reading a good book.

Her dedicated, faithful service over the years is why Rosane is one of our volunteers of the week for April! Thank you for your service, Rosane!


APRIL 2022- Week 1

Meet our Volunteers of the Week for the first week of April, Bruce & Bobbi Martin!

Bruce and Bobbi began helping out at COM a few months ago when Bobbi was looking for a place to “be a blessing” with her extra time in retirement. She came across COM and her and her husband, Bruce, started helping out in the food pantry. You can find Bruce and Bobbi in the pantry several days each week organizing our USDA food and getting it ready for distribution. They also help out during distributions in keeping things running smoothly.

When asked about their favorite part of volunteering at COM, they both said, “the friendships and joy of working with other volunteers.”

When not working at COM, Bruce enjoys walking their dog and Bobbi occasionally substitute teaches at Fair Play. They both also go biking and love spending time with their grandkids.

They also encourage others to join them in volunteering. “Come try it out! Come have fun with us!” Bobbi says to anyone thinking about volunteering. Bruce adds, “You will be overjoyed and blessed.”

Thank you Bruce & Bobbi for your service!

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