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Volunteers of the MONTH

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We are very lucky this month to not only have one volunteer of the month, but three of them. April is National Volunteer Month. We are focusing heavily on showing appreciation and information about volunteers.

While all three of the women being recognized work in different parts of the pantry all of their roles and time spent at COM is vital and appreciated. 

When asked how they first got started working with COM they all three said that they were recruited by relationships.  Karen and Betty heard about COM from their churches and people talking about serving. Rebecca was actually shopping in our thrift store,  Compassion Thrift, and felt compelled to inquire about volunteer opportunities- and we're so thankful that she did! 


 As  mentioned before they all serve in different areas of COM. Karen enters all of the volunteer data into our database. This not only helps our other volunteers to track their hours, but also helps those in the offices keep track of who has been here to lend a hand. Betty spends her time in the food pantry. She checks the groceries out, sorts vegetables, and also assists our neighbors in other ways that might be needed. Rebecca works in the pricing room. She wraps, sorts, and prices all of the fabric and crafting supplies that come through. While they are all in different spots in COM they are all needed! 

When asked what their favorite part of COM was Karen said that working with her friends and growing deeper connections with people. Betty stated that she loved walking iwth clients and being helpful.  She likes to listen to their stories and help optimize their points to get teh most food possible. Rebecca's favorite part about COM is that it feels like home. She has found a family within the walls of this building. 


Their advice to anyone who is thinking about becoming a volunteer is simple. Karen said that there is an abundance of opportunities from a single hour to a full day and many different programs to choose from.  Betty also stated that it's a great opportunity and that it's easy to build relationships. Karen jokingly said that its better and cheaper than therapy. She says that it makes her feel incredible and is the best thing she's ever done!

If you would like to see what the fun is all about at Compassion Thrift you can fill out an application and volunteer along side this great group.

Volunteer Spotlight (Instagram Post (Square)) (2).png
Volunteer Spotlight (Instagram Post (Square)) (1).png
april   2023

If you would like to volunteer at COM too, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

Meet our PAST volunteers of the month
Volunteer Spotlight (Instagram Post (Square)) (2).png
april 2023 wk 3
image0 (8).jpeg
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Grocery Loaders 
Nov 2022
pantry workers
JuLY 2022
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Bruce & Bobbi Martin
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Erin & Ava Anderson
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Volunteer Spotlight (Instagram Post (Square)) (1).png
april 2023 wk 2
betty spitler
Jan 2023
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Christine Bregin 
B Dewitt.JPG
June 2022
Brandi Dewitt
S Mincks.JPG
April 2022 wk 3
Scott Mincks
Cleve P.JPG
SEPT 2021
May 2021
Tobi BArta & Meleah Murray
Jan 2021
Linda Thomas-Brubaker
JULY 2020
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March 2020
Karen McGee
Volunteer Spotlight (Instagram Post (Square)).png
april 2023 wk 1
karen hicks
dec 2022
sandra Velasco

A Hovey.jpg
AUG 2022
Abigail hovey
Jordyn Jeanie interns.JPG
MAY 2022
Jordyn Gallion & Jeanie Kelley
R Martin3.JPG
April 2022 wk 2
Rosane Martin
Bob Lucinda Wade2.JPG
July 2021
Bob & Lucinda Wade
March 2021
OCT 2020
Linda Fuerst
JUNE 2020
Lisa Crawford
Employee of the month - February.jpg
FEB 2020
Bob & Katherine
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