Volunteer of the month:
Cleve Pendergrass

SEPT 2021

Meet our volunteer of the month, Cleve Pendergrass!

Cleve came to COM a few months ago and has been an important part of our thrift store donation area. He has helped our staff and other volunteers sort and test donations, as well as identify and price unique items that come in. One of the more interesting aspects of his work in the donation area, he says, is seeing the old pictures and postcards that come through, especially after someone has passed away. It's like looking back at history.

Cleve earned the honor of Volunteer of the Month not only because of his contagious smile and laugh, but also because he helped keep the donation area running when one of our staff members was out for several weeks due to a family emergency. His help was invaluable in keeping the area open for donations.

When asked about his favorite aspect of volunteering at COM, Cleve says "it's the people." He enjoys working with the staff and volunteers and interacting with donors, some of whom are themselves lonely or struggling. "You touch more people doing this work than you'd realize," Cleve says. "Even in just a small job like this you can brighten someone's day."

When not at COM, Cleve enjoys volunteering at the Pittsburg Community Center and helping them with events.

                                                   Thank you for your service, Cleve!


If you would like to volunteer at COM too, just fill out a volunteer application and we'll get you plugged in.

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