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Can-Struction Contest 2024

Our 5th Annual "Can-Struction Contest" will be taking place in November of 2024. The idea behind the contest is for church groups, businesses, school classes, and other organizations to collect canned and dry goods and build an artistic sculpture out of those food items. COM then judges each creation to find the best one and the food collected gets donated to COM's food pantry at the end to help out families here in Polk County.


Full rules, as well as photos from the 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023 competitions, are listed below. 

2023 Winner:

Polk Co. Christian School

Other 2023 Masterpieces:


2021 Winner:

Polk Co. Christian School


2020 Winner:

Polk Co. Health Center

2019 Winner:

Bolivar Area Homeschoolers


Other 2020 Masterpieces:


Other 2019 Masterpieces:


The following are the guidelines and instructions for the competition:

  1. Sculptures may be assembled at any point, but must be completed by November 29th.

  2. The sculpture must be made primarily from canned food or other non-perishable food. No more than 10% of the sculpture may be materials other than canned or nonperishable

  3. Canned goods and non-perishables must be unopened and unexpired.

  4. No obscene, crude, or inappropriate entries will be considered. This may include, but
    is not limited to, depictions of drugs/alcohol, sexual imagery, violent images, or other
    similar concepts.

  5. Sculptures may be set up at a site of the team's choosing.

  6. Once registration form is submitted, a COM staff member will contact the team to
    set up a date and time to get pictures, conduct judging, and collect the food.

  7. All canned goods and non-perishables should be donated to COM upon completion of
    the contest.

  8. Winning team will receive a pizza party

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