Join Us for weekly Life Skills Classes that cover more than simply employment skills.
Learn new Skills and Tricks to save money and get healthy.
Earn bonus points to use in COM's food pantry!

Apply to become a student, or help as a mentor:

What the program provides students:

  • Soft skills classes (9 weeks)

  • A mentor to assist both during and after the program

  • Practice applying and interviewing for jobs

  • Guaranteed job interview upon graduation

  • Job search assistance

  • Computer skills training

  • Work experience and feedback

  • $20 Gift card

Addressing underemployment, one life at a time.

Recognizing that one of the drivers of poverty is unemployment and underemployment, Project Thrive is an "on-ramp" to better employment for individuals in our community.

Unfortunately, many obstacles exist to finding or keeping meaningful employment. Furthermore, many of us grew up in environments where basic life skills and soft skills were never taught. That's where Project Thrive comes in. We not only teach these necessary skills in a friendly, group setting, but also help students see a vision and hope for their future.

Over the course of 10 weeks, students take classes on life & employment skills, dig deep into their passions and gifts, get opportunities to practice those skills through volunteering at COM in real-world work settings, practice applying and interviewing for jobs, and ultimately are connected with local businesses in search of workers.

Another key part of this program is pairing up every student with a mentor. This mentor serves as a cheerleader to encourage and motivate the student to reach their full potential. The program is not about telling students what to do, but rather working with students to empower them to accomplish the employment goals that work best for their life.

Email the Project Thrive Coordinator at Thrive@bolivarcom.org or call 417-326-2769 ext 1505 for additional information about the program and how to get involved. A one-time $20 fee is required to start classes.


This program is supported in part by an Americorps VISTA grant.